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As a first time mom I was pretty clueless about pregnancy and had no idea there were so many things to think about regarding prenatal care. I was very anxious about going through the process of pregnancy and I had a healthy fear of the labor and delivery part as well. I knew right away I wanted to hire a doula. Someone who was easygoing, knowledgable, had a good sense of humor and would fight for me when it came to the big push. I found all that and more in Allie.

I started acupuncture treatment with Allie at the beginning of my 2nd trimester for severe headaches and extreme pelvic and joint pain. I continued seeing her weekly until I gave birth because her treatments were so effective. I absolutely treasured the hour I spent in her care. And because I saw her every week for a few months I was able to develop a comfy relationship with her. I was able to be more casual and talk openly with her about all my fears surrounding the birthing process. She always listened and offered up such great advice regarding herbal remedies, pregnancy articles and books and referrals to other self-care practices in the area she thought I could benefit from. Thanks to her incredible skills my pain was relieved and my anxiety was lessened greatly. The labor prep sessions towards the end of my pregnancy I believe were key to getting my body ready and help me go into labor 3 days prior to my due date!
The doula I originally hired wasn’t able to fulfill her commitment with us and at 36 weeks pregnant my husband and I were worried we wouldn’t be able to find someone to step in. It was Allie who came to the rescue! She offered to be our doula without hesitation. I had not doubt she would be exactly what we needed in a doula because she knew me pretty well and was aware of my pregnancy issues from treating me as an acupuncture client. I still get so emotional when I think about how kind Allie was during that time.
As our doula Allie was very easy to communicate with, prompt to all our scheduled meetings and such a delight to have around. The 2 hours prenatal sessions we had with her always seemed to fly by! By the time I went into labor I felt so prepared and confident largely due to Allie’s encouragement and guidance. During labor I felt so supported and safe with her presence and she never left me or my husband. My labor and birth didn’t turn out as I had planned and there were moments I felt scared and lost, but Allie really helped put things into perspective and championed for me and my baby all the way to the end.
There are not enough words to describe how deeply I regard Allie. I would hire her again as my doula in a heartbeat and I will continue to see her whenever I need acupuncture treatments. She will always have a spot in my heart.
-Erleene, acupuncture and doula client 

Allie has an incredible ability to make you feel like you are her only client and that she is your number one advocate for your health and wellbeing. It is both Allie’s holistic approach to wellness and her respect for me as a patient that has enabled me to find trust in the power of natural medicine.

-Kristyn, acupuncture client

Woman smiling at her husband while holding their newborn baby.
Woman smiling at her husband while holding their newborn baby.

I first walked into Allie’s office on verge of tears. I had been having a incredibly challenging pregnancy, and my latest struggle was severe nerve pain that was keeping me awake all night. I had sought help from several alternative practitioners with no change. Sleep deprived, hormonal and almost hopeless, I was edgy and not too friendly. Allie was exactly what I needed. She has a genuineness about her that immediately relaxed me. I didn’t know if she could help my pain, but I trusted her.

I received acupuncture from Allie for rest of pregnancy. She helped me on so many levels, physically and emotionally. She was such a soothing presence as well as incredible wealth of information and wisdom. My healthy baby girl and I are so grateful!

-Sarah, acupuncture client